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Top 10 Reasons Every Child Should Learn Leadership Skills

It’s so extremely important to develop leadership skills at an early age. The benefits of having leadership skills are crucial for each child. Why? Here is why.

To develop control of their lives.
Learning leadership skills allows a child to see opportunities where other children wouldn’t see them because they develop different mindsets with the habit to think critically and act effectively.

To build self-confidence.
The time it takes to develop self-confidence is different in each child because it depends on their childhood experiences, parenting habits, communication with other kids, and relationship with teachers at the pre-school or child care. And for each child it takes a different amount of time to build, or to be more exact, to reestablish the natural self-confidence that each child initially born with.

To solve problems creatively.
The ability to solve problems creatively doesn’t come immediately although it can be developed with time, proper exercises, and training. The earlier your child starts training, the earlier it will come.

To withstand bullies.
If your child comes to school with a good amount of self-confidence and self-defense and leadership skills, bullies will leave your child alone because they will not offend a child who knows how to deal with bullies and defend themselves.

To lead the team.
It takes time to learn how to lead others with the right tasks and ideas. The earlier your child gets involved in such activities, the better they become as they get older.

To learn how to lead the conversation with difficult children and adults.
This is an important skill for every person. And the best time to start learning about it, while in childhood. These exercises help your child to feel in control while dealing with difficult individuals.

To learn how to make decisions in difficult situations.
These are also trainable skills that can be developed in any child with the use of proper training.

To learn public speaking skills.
The more your child speaks in front of others, the better and more comfortable he or she will be at public speaking. Your child will learn to manage different types of audiences and what to say to rude individuals.

To learn how to negotiate and delegate things to others.
This is a fun skill, that develops during the practice inside to the family or at the leadership classes for children.

Leadership skills give many opportunities in life to your child that are not available to those who don’t have developed their leadership skills. With this being said, sign up for leadership classes and see your child growing into a confident and positive leader.

What are the 15 things that contribute to good social & leadership skills in children?

Today I want to share with you 15 things that contribute to good social &   leadership skills in children.

What are of these skills you are able to recognize in your child?

  1. A child makes frequent eye contact when interacting with others.
  2. He/she smiles when he/she greets and talks with others.
  3. He/she shows interest in others by asking what they have been doing, how their day is going, and other similar things.
  4. He/she shows appreciation for and praises what others do.
  5. He/she understands the basic feelings of others.
  6. He/she listens attentively when others speak.
  7. He/she is able to focus on what others are saying
  8. A Child asks someone with ease to do something or to help with something.
  9. He/she doesn’t feel uncomfortable if he/she has to apologize for a mistake.
  10. He/she takes the initiative to make friends.
  11. A child is first to initiate a conversation with someone.
  12. He/she doesn’t feel shy or shame to recognize that they don’t know about something.
  13.  He/she doesn’t feel shy or shame to ask questions.
  14.  A child influences other kids rather than getting influenced by others.
  15.  A child has rich imaginations and leads out in the games.

Good social & Leadership skills are important in all aspects of your life. The most important way to improve your social & leadership skills is by getting out there and practicing them or join the A+ Smart Little Leaders™ course.

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 By Aelita Archbold

 We live in a dangerous society where always something negative happens.

As parents, we have a tendency to overprotect our children and I am not an exception.

It’s not an easy task for parents to keep a healthy balance between not enough protection and overprotection.

How do we find the golden middle?

From the height of my experience, I would suggest, every day, at the dining table find time to talk to them.

Create a challenge for your children where your children will have to make a choice, to find the right solution, and report to you the results.

 At the end of the day bring them all to the table and break down the situation.

Let their voice be heard first.

Then, give your opinion on what was great and what areas need improvement.

 Help them to acknowledge what they did great and what they need to improve.  Do that nicely and tactfully. Never tell them only negative things they did or you can ruin their self-confidence for life!

Then you analyze and conclude.

Always allow your children to brainstorm the possible situation from different angles. There is no right or wrong.

The next time when they face a different challenge they will be ready for it and will know how to handle it.

 As a parent, be the best friend and phycologist to your own children.

 This way you will be able to create trust with your children and prepare them for real-life situations.

  If they respect you and your opinion and they will see the proof of your words in real life, they will not seek someone else’s help to solve the problem.

 This activity with your children will help you to develop a close and trusted relationship with your children and help to grow them into self-confident leaders.

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7 Ways To Develop Your Intuition For Your Life & Career Success.

I could, I felt, I should, I sensed…

Aren’t you familiar with these thoughts?

Albert Einstein once said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

A while ago my family and I moved into a new house.
It was after midnight. Everyone, including my two little sons, was sleepy.
And I had just finished my work and was flat tired and about going to sleep.
All of a sudden, a funeral melody came into my head and was playing in a loop until I paid attention to it.
I asked myself: why does this funeral melody keep playing in my head?

I started feeling anxiety and pushed myself to go all the way downstairs to the kitchen.

And what I saw there I will always remember.

My brand new stove was very red and showed a temperature of 500F.
My sleeplessness vanished in the wink of an eye.
I pressed the off button but it didn’t work. I pressed again and again and it still didn’t work.

Like a wild kangaroo, I jumped up the stairs to wake up my husband.
And to wake him up, not an easy task.
It’s like to try awake a person with anesthesia.
But I didn’t have time to use my megaphone.

In frustration, I yelled straight to his ear: Fire, fire, help!

Gladly, after a few seconds of yelling, he Like a bullet flew to the kitchen.

He tried to turn it off but the button still didn’t work.

And the stove already was very red, hot and ready to explode.

He pulled the stove from the wall and unplugged the cord, saving the night.

If my intuition hadn’t sent me that funeral melody my family and I may not be alive.

What is intuition?

Intuition is an energy, a vibration that is inside of the right side of your brain.

The good news, everyone has the ability to be intuitive.

How can you develop your intuition? There are a number of ways, and I would like to share some techniques with you:

1. Be relaxed and open.
You can achieve it through meditation, deep breathing.

2. What is your heart says? Say it aloud and wait for an answer, only don’t analyze and the answer will pop up in your head.

3. Trust your intuition. Don’t figure it out. Don’t judge. You have to believe & trust your intuition.
If something inside of you tells you that you walk away from this work, from this boss, from this man or woman. Don’t wait. Do that ASAP.

4. How can you know that intuition comes to you?
Intuition can come in fragments, pieces, symbols, dreams (you might hear a voice, you may have a feeling, you might hear music.)

5. How can you recognize the intuition?
Watch for signs outside of you. (It might be the license plate you happened to see, it might be an Earth Angel )
An Earth Angel is somebody who comes to you at an urgent time and gives lifesaving advise.
Sometimes at the library book falls from the shelf right in front of you, pick it up and there is a message for you.
And the message is repetitive.
So, you have to be aware!

6. Trigger your Intuition by asking a question aloud.
It will stimulate your intuition. Something will pop up.

7. Let It Go To Receive.
If you ask a question you have to let it go.
Like in a good restaurant, you just put your order and let it go, it will come shortly.

The most successful people after all the calculations, advise of their big and sophisticated team, always ask their intuition before making a final decision.
Why wouldn’t it be you?
We all in life making choices. The most important choices are: about our career, our health, and our personal life.
Knowing when to leave the job you hate, the person who makes you sick, which doctor to trust is the most challenging part of making major life change no matter how happy or disgruntled you may be in your current situation.
However, listening to your intuition may help you resolve all of your issues and help you confidently decide your next move.

Whatever the decision you have to make, give your intuition a chance to guide you in your choices.
Are you depleted with your career, personal life, your health or is there some resilience, motivation, and spirit left?
Learn to listen to your intuition and it will help to make your best decisions in your life.

If you are just starting out in working with your intuition it is important to practice!
Commit an hour a day, listening to your deep self and get all the answers.
As you move through the day, stay open-minded to the people, conversations and things you meet or see.
Start doing something new you never did before.
Take notes of your observations, both physically and emotionally. How are you feeling? What new sensory experiences are you having?
Apply these learnings to your career, your daily life and trust the intuitive guidance.
You have the greatest power in your mind.
All you have to do is start using it.
And you will be able to craft the life you want and your biggest friend, your intuition will help you to achieve that.

When you will learn how to use your intuition you’ll never be poor, have a bad boss you hate, have troubles in your life, everything will fall in place and you begin to meet with the right people, at the right time and at the right places.

Be relaxed, open and honest with yourself
And intuition will come to you.