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The Dryver

Cast "The Dryver"

Our Mission:

To produce an episodic series to spread awareness on major social issues such as anger management, bullying, cultural diversity, women’s rights, because this is the very important issues for our modern society.

Why  Comedy & what are the benefits?

Comedy is one of the best genres to introduce sensitive issues that divide our society around the world.  Comedy helps to bring people together while having a positive, restoring & uplifting effect on each person. It brings to all of us HOPE for a better society! When you laugh there is no place for anger and violence.

Where will funds go?

All donated funds will go directly towards production and postproduction costs that include:

•  Screen Writing

•  Director, Actors & Crew Salaries

• Permits, rent of the gear

•  Marketing & Distribution

The Story: © 2018 by Award-winning screenwriter Dale Zawada

Welcome to “The Dryver!” It’s similar to Uber or Lyft, but cheaper. Due to its low prices, the service often attracts the dregs of society. Because of that, working for Dryver tends to be an adventure, so follow the adventures of several Dryvers as they pick up strange clients and get themselves in (and out) of a variety of crazy situations, all from the comfort of their corporate-approved vehicles!

This series features Dryvers of all races, genders, religions, and gives a good glimpse into subcultures most people might not experience on a day-to-day basis.

Our First Social Cause is Anger Management: Everyone in this life gets angry: some take it to the extreme and hurt themselves or others.  Other people decide to use their anger to achieve great things.

Our characters will work and laugh through their anger issues, and keep the audience entertained while doing it.

Join us on the exciting journey and watch how the ride in the Dryver can change their lives!

Filming is currently scheduled for September 20th, 2018. Your support will help with such an important cause as anger issues.
Be sure to check out the generous rewards available for each level.

The ACA Productions team are grateful to you in advance for your very generous support of this very important and very neglected cause.

Who we are.
ACA Production is an award-winning  Film Production Company that creates Cause Marketing Films that improves lives.
ACA has produced eleven episodes of an inspirational web series “Making It Again?” that has more than 2 million views and was released on YouTube. ACA produced the award-winning patriotic film “Sam’s Firecracker” that after a clearance with the film festivals will be distributed to our veterans at the local American Legions.

Please choose your donation level and redeem your favorite rewards. By supporting this cause you are an open-minded person helping people you know, your friends, loved ones, your colleagues at work; all those who affected by anger issues.

Thank you in advance for your generous donations. With your donation, you help angry people to be kind.

Our films and videos have more than two million views on YouTube!

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                                                                Testimonials from our previous sponsors:

“It was a pleasure to support the inspirational project “Making It Again?” as a bright example of inspiration, encouragement, to the young generation of how to never give up, pursue your goals, and fulfill your dreams.”            From the Executive Producer of “Making It Again?”

                                                                                                                     Mr. P. Whitman, FL 


“I had a feeling that it was so right to be involved in this great production. Money well spent. The project is truly a great achievement and a team effort. I am so pleased with the way it has turned out.  Many congratulations on getting the show “in the can”. It was a real privilege and an honor to watch the filming unfold and develop. What a fantastic project  and mission: to help veterans!” 
I am so glad to be part of such a brilliant team! So proud of Aelita Chantal Archbold, Sheridan Archbold, C.J. Julianus and Rod Johnson … what an awesome achievement! I hope that the film continues to go from strength to strength as it deserves success after such hard work! Thank you, everyone, who has made this possible! God Bless! The film is a winner of… Best Inspirational Short Film… Best Editing …. and now Best Producer. My very best wishes to all the cast and crew of this very exciting production.”
From the Award-winning Executive Producer of the Award-winning film “Sam’s Firecracker”

                                                                                            Robert Steven Hunt, Reading, England.

“It’s a privilege for me to be involved in such an important project that supports the veteran community and beyond.  Amazing and moving work of the team and for all involved.”

                                                                                                               Kevin Woodward U.S. Army, MI
“Happy to support such a cause.”
                                                                                Rick Falato Big Band Director, Army Veteran

                                                       REWARDS FOR DONATIONS ARE AS FOLLOWS:

Bonus 1
$50 (50% Off)

Special Thanks Shutout on Social Media.
We will give you shutout on all social media THE DRYVER official website page, our Event Face Book page, giving our gratitude and special thanks.

Bonus 2
$80 (37% Off)

Thanks at the DRYVER’s end credits + all of the above
You will receive a THE DRYVER’s digital download of a Photo of Cast with autographs.

Bonus 3
$150 (50% Off)

You will receive Printed Photo of a Cast with autographs + all of the above!

Bonus 4
$200 (50% Off)

You will receive Printed Photo of a Cast & Crew with autographs + all of the above!

Bonus 5
$500 (50% Off)

You will receive Printed Photo of a Cast & Crew with autographs signed by award-winning Director and the award-winning Producer + all of the above!

Bonus 6
$1,000 (50% Off)

Poster, Skype + all of the above!
You will receive THE DRYVER’s Official Poster, Skype/FaceTime with Producer and the Lead Actor.
You will get 15 min. Skype with the award-winning Producer and award-winning lead actor Sheridan Archbold THE DRYVER + all of the above!

Bonus 7
$2,000 (50% Off)

IMDb Associate Producer Credit + All of the above
IMDb Associate Producer Credit You will be credited as an Associate Producer in the actual film credits, & you will become a part of the film for life on IMDb as an Associate Producer + all of the above!

Bonus 8
$5,000 (50% Off)

IMDb Executive Producer + All Of The Above!

IMDb Executive Producer You will be credited as an Executive Producer in the actual film credits & you will become a part of the film for life on IMDb as a full Executive Producer + all of the above!

Bonus 9
$10,000 (50% Off)

Be In The Film! Distinction Level. Get Brand Recognition + All Of The Above

You, or someone you choose, will have a role in the film!! This is not a background or extra role, the director will give you a role that will suit you best with actual lines! If you a company we will create a brand recognition for your company and incorporate it in the film. If you are interested, please contact us for details. If you are an individual, You will be awarded to see the entire filming via FaceTime/Skype. You will be in control, you will be involved in the Post Production and will get credits as a Post Production Consultant, editing, marketing process and ACA will pay attention to your valuable comments. Plus all these events will be accompanied by exiting images and short videos from the production and postproduction that will be specifically crafted ONLY FOR YOU!

Bonus 10
$20,000 (50% Off)


Be Our Super Boss! High Distinction Level.

Be In The Film & get 30 sec. of a broadcasting quality commercial for your business + All Of The Above! If you are an individual we will make a 10 minutes short documentary film about your life & life achievements at your location. (ACA is not responsible for airfare & hotel expenses)
You will be awarded to see the entire filming via FaceTime/Skype.
We will pay for your hotel for 3 days and will bring you to the set and bring you back to the hotel. (Airfare not provided) + All Of The Above!


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