Making it Again? Full Series

The inspiring project “Making It Again?” Web Series was created to bring awareness to a younger audience to never give up and pursue their dreams. The content from this project as earned more than two million views on YouTube! For more visit: “Making It Again?” the Web Series Website

Episode 1 “Reality”   Apr 1, 2017

Episode 2 “If At First You Don’t Succeed” Apr 8, 2017

Episode 3 “The Paperboy” Apr 15, 2017

Episode 4 “The Greasy Burger”

Episode 5  “Mr. Rabbit Stew” Apr 29, 2017

Episode 6 “The Unofficial Yet Maybe Could Be Official” May 6, 2017 

Episode 7  “Hello, I’m Sheridan” May 13, 2017

Episode 8 “Starting Over…Over Again” May 20, 2017 

Episode 9 “The Birthday Party” May 27, 2017   

Episode 10 “The Great Key Mystery”   June 3, 2017

Episode 11 “This Teen Needs a Date!”   June 10, 2017


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