How from your child do you raise a leader? Techniques

How from your child do you raise a leader? Techniques


How from your child do you raise a leader? Techniques

by Aelita Archbold

These techniques will help you with your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

1. On a piece of paper write down your child’s big goal and ask him/her what belief stops your child from achieving that.

For example:  your child should say aloud: “I think am not smart enough, I think am slow, lazy, disorganized…”

Then ask your child: where does your belief live? What or who made you think this way?

What do you feel when you think this way?

Then, this is important: Ask your child to describe the feelings. What does it look like? How does it smell? What size is it? What color, shape?

It’s important that your child keeps focused and doesn’t get distracted.

2. Take a paper bag and a few paper boxes. (you can use other materials, it’s up to your creativity)

Uncover the first box. Ask your child to throw each negative feeling into a separate box, cover it, and place it into the big paper bag. When all negative feelings are have been placed into the boxes, take the paper bag with boxes, take your child to the backyard and say: “Now, all of your bad feelings and negative beliefs will be burned forever and never return to you back”.

Burn it and let your child to see it.

This symbolic procedure will help your child visually and mentally get rid of negative beliefs.

3. Replace each of the written negative statements announced by your child with positive statements.

Each statement your child should say aloud and at the end of each statement to say out loud his/her name.

For example:

“I am smart, I am Peter, I am beautiful, I am Mary, I am confident, I am Sarah.”

The statement should be very short.

Repeat it several times a day and support each statement with little nice “visual anchors” written on a sticky small piece of paper with different markers. Stick them across your child’s bed, on the mirror in the bathroom, on the child’s Ipod screen, on the closet. It will work! Every time your child sees these little “visual anchors”, it will seed the positive sprouts in your child’s conscious and subconscious mind.

4. Anchor A

Mother comes to the child from behind and gently whispers one of the statements to the child’s left or a right ear while putting gentle and short pressure on your child’s shoulders.

5.  anchor B

Ask your child to say several positive statements with his/her name at the end of each phrase while smoothly step from one leg to another leg while saying the positive statements. This will really help your child and help the subconscious mind to absorb and anchor all positive statements.

During the running, jumping, ask your child to say loud the same statements. All these little anchors will do their amazing job and over time will rebuild your child’s self-confidence.

6.  anchor C

Ask your child:  “ What does he/she sees when they say: I am smart, I am beautiful, I am fearless?”

Ask them to draw a picture for each statement, (the one statement at the time) ask them to draw several copies, and place it in different parts of the house, on the computer, iPod, inside of the dresser, closet, everywhere where your child will frequently see it.

All these symbols anchor reminders your child will be surprised to see in different places in the house, will bring great results.

Never let your child criticize himself/herself out loud! It’s extreamely NOT GOOD because it will bring negative beliefs and settle it in his/her mind. And if a child has other kids or adults next to them, a child can convince others to believe the negative statements.

It’s important to keep your child away from destructive criticism coming from his/her child care providers, peers, friends at the playground and instead bring your child to places, where he gets encouraged, supported, and motivated.

Sign up your child for any sports activities: swimming, figure skating, tennis, running, jumping, martial arts. Their self-confidence will be drastically increased along with physical strength, immune system, and physical and mental health.

At the end of the day, together with your child write down in a separate notebook all great things he/she achieved during the day and give them a reward. And set goals for the next day.

If you post pictures with your child on Social Media, make sure to post only those pictures where your child looks happy and smiling.

These priceless techniques will help your child to restore self-confidence, self esteem and will open the long and beautiful road of a leader.