AELITA ARCHBOLD  President, founder of ACA Productions LLC

Aelita is a graduate of State University of Fine Arts with a (BFA Composition & Conducting, Cinematography course) with more than 20 years of experience in different aspects of the music and film industry. Graduating for SAE Institute of Sidney AU, Aelita is an accomplished musician/recording artist, audio engineer, and filmmaker who has worked producing critically acclaimed Web Series, Short Films, and Commercials.

Aelita Archbold

Her most recent project was Making It Again? web series and the award-winning patriotic film “Sam’s Firecracker”. The inspiring project “Making It Again?” Web Series was created to bring awareness to a younger audience to never give up and pursue their dreams. The Award Winning Film “Sam’s Firecracker” is to raise awareness of patriotism among the younger generation.

Aelita is currently working on her new comedic project TV series Pilot “The Dryver” to bring awareness to such major social issues as anger management. Comedy is one of the best genres to introduce sensitive issues that divide our society around the world.


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