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How Independent Filmmaker Can Make Decent Money In A New Digital Film Market

The DVD market is dead and replaced by smart TV apps and rapidly growing digital marketplace. If you as an independent filmmaker want to succeed in the film industry you must consider studying Internet marketing. It’s important to understand that you have to treat your independent film business in the same way as any other small business.
Your product is your film and you have to figure out how to sell your film product that you can make a profit. In order to sell your film product, you have to find the right customers and convince them that your film is worth a certain amount. This means that along with the constant development of your filmmaking skills you must work on developing the following skills: phycology, digital marketing, the art of negotiating and work on your public speaking and presenting skills. When you sum all these skills, at the equation, you can get a successful sales and will be able to make a living as an independent filmmaker.

How Aspiring Filmmakers Can Use Cause Marketing To Connect With Audiences.

How Aspiring Filmmakers Can Use Cause Marketing To Connect With Audiences. Evolving social values present unlimited opportunities for creative and aspiring filmmakers and video artists. In order to get your voice being heard, it’s no longer just about creating good content — you need to create content that does good! It’s an aspiring filmmakers mission to draw attention to a cause and encouraging people to take an action. causemarketingfilms newerafilmmakers youraudience aspiringfilmmakers newmovements acaproductions filmindustry inspiration life success

Real Love Will Always Win!

You will not be able to wipe the tears from your eyes when you see the true love that dryver Kelly shows her beloved pet companion Gemma!
In this troubled world, Gemma helps her to survive.
The character of Kelly plays Madeline Moeller a young and talented actress. During the shoot, Madeline and our little star Gemma were able to become friends for life.

“The Dryver” Pilot is coming soon!

In the world of indie film financing

In the world of indie film financing, your mindset as a filmmaker plays a crucial role. You must develop an abundance mindset.
You must believe that you can and will raise the money you need for your film. This thought will direct your actions and carry you toward your goal. You must believe at 100% that you will raise funds for your project. You must eliminate any chaotic, random thoughts that often cross your mind such as: what if I will not be able to raise funds… The moment you believe the money cannot be found is the moment all is lost.

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