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Dr. Zelda Grubenstein Doesn’t Want to Take a Photo With You

I am pleased to introduce to you another very talented cast member of the web TV series “Making It Again?” I had the opportunity to observe Keli Delane in the role of TV Host Dr. Grubenstein. Keli has a bright comedic talent, is very creative and her charachter was hilarious. She has a great acting future ahead of her. It was a pleasure to work with her on the set.
To read more about Kelli click the link below.

Don’t Judge Me, I’m an Actor!

screenshot-2016-11-03-19-43-24We are thrilled to introduce another one of our fabulous cast members: the amazingly talented actor Gary Murphy starring as Marla’s Father.

When Gary suddenly screamed, “Shut up! Shut up! I want to sleep. Go away! It’s 4 o’clock in the Morning!”  The entire cast and crew stopped and stared at Gary! His verbal assault sounded so real that it took everyone off guard! When he finished his dialog everyone was still in amazement with the realism in which he portrayed his character.

Gary Murphy is an extraordinary, multitalented actor. He really brought to life the character of “Marla’s Father”, who at times could be soft and patient and minuets later become a very explosive and strict father.

You can read more about Gary on the Making It Again?  Website




“Making It Again?” Jeff Award winner Chuck Sisson kills it on the set


I am thrilled to introduce one more of our amazing cast members: the fabulous “Jeff Award” winning actor, Chuck Sisson starring as insane acting coach Fritz Hasenpfeffer. You can read more about Chuck the “Making It Again?” website:

We are currently working on the editing of Episode 8 “Starting Over”, the editor and I could not be more amazed at the skillful acting of Chuck as well as the entire talented cast. Keep watching for the updates and of course Like and Comment on “Making It Again?” FB page and the web series website. Link is below:

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