Philanthropist: Making a Difference

Philanthropist: Making a Difference

Philanthropist: Making a Difference

Philanthropist: Making a Difference

Long ago Aristotle said, “To give away money is an easy matter and in any man’s power. But to decide to whom to give it and how large and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man’s power nor an easy matter.”

So why would you consider supporting the film projects with social causes? When that last day comes you can, with a peaceful heart, say that you have accomplished your mission on this Earth; you helped other people who were less fortunate than you, improved the lives of other people, aided people with different struggles and generally helped to make this world a better place.

Here are few examples of how other philanthropists supported films with different environmental causes that had a big impact on a global community:

Environmental films:

“The 11th Hour” Various themes

“Angry Inuk”  Seal hunting

“Ashes to Honey” Nuclear power: radiation

“Before the Flood” Global Climate Change

“Blue Vinyl” Pollution

“Chernobyl Heart” Chernobyl disaster

Each of these films demonstrates how different environmental causes can affect our lives and what we as a global community can do together to prevent or decrease environmental disasters.

Here are the different causes that you can choose from to support the cause that is closest to your heart.

Gun Control/Gun Rights, Corrections/Mass Incarceration, Domestic and Gender Violence, Children, Child Care, Educational equity/Educational access/Educational choice, Workers Rights (fair treatment), Human Trafficking, Immigration and Refugees, Healthcare/Healthcare Reform, Food/Health Access, Law Enforcement, Racial Equality, Gender Equality, Marriage Equality (LBGTQ Rights), Fair pay and Equal pay, Environment and Water, Religious Expression, Fair Elections and Voters Rights, Contraceptive (Women’s) Rights, Right to Life, Housing, Gentrification, Animal Rights, Immunizations.

Our world is far from perfect, however supporting various social causes can provide an opportunity for you to bring us one step closer to being a better world.

Partner with us and we will create a project that improve people lives.

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