Film Distribution. Ad Supported VOD Distribution (AVOD)

Film Distribution. Ad Supported VOD Distribution (AVOD)

Film Distribution. Ad-Supported VOD Distribution (AVOD)

Ad-supported, AVOD platforms make money by placing targeted advertising in front of the viewer. This type of model can be win-win, as many ads-supported platforms provide the filmmaker with a portion of the ad revenue. The viewer gets to watch your movie without making a transaction.

Hulu: How to Distribute Your Movie on Hulu

In the United States, Hulu has gained popularity as a great way to watch popular television shows and movies on demand. Hulu makes money by peppering content with advertisements. And assuming they acquire your title, Hulu will pay you a portion of the advertising revenue.

Getting your title in Hulu once again requires working with an aggregator who can make a pitch on your behalf. Like any platform, Hulu is looking for great content. While trends change monthly, if you have a documentary or a niche specific title, Hulu may be worth exploring.

For entrepreneurial filmmakers, Hulu offers awesome social sharing tools. Filmmakers can embed the Hulu player on their sites and drop links in social media. And from there, no matter where the content is shared or viewed, filmmakers get paid.

While there are no guarantees in the movie business, having the ability to make, market and sell your movies without the traditional middle-man is exciting.

by Jason Brubaker

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