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Stop Wasting Time And Start Eat TOMATOES!


Photo by Julia from Pexels

After the Potato, Tomatoes is the most popular plant of the botanical family Solanaceae. Tomato was originated in western South America and Central America.  From there, the tomatoes were introduced to other parts of the European-colonized world during the 16th century.

The healing power of tomatoes exercises on some of the very common disorders.

The preventative effect of tomatoes on certain types of cancer, especially prostate cancer, makes this fruit/vegetable a universally recognized medicinal food.

In spite of acidic taste, the tomato has an alkalizing effect on the blood, organic tissues, and the urine, because it contains much more alkalizing substances (mineral slats) than acids.

Properties of tomato:

  1. Tomato has a lot of water. (94% of its weight)
  2. Tomato has a lot of vitamin C (19.1mg/100g)
  3. Vitamins B1, B2, B6, niacin, and folates are present in significant amounts
  4. Vitamin A is present (62ug RE/100g)
  5. It has a lot of Potassium (222mg/100g)
  6. It has a decent amount of Iron (0.45mg/100g), which is about 9 times as much as milk (0.45gm/100g)
  7. It has Magnesium & Phosphorus.
  8. It has vegetable soluble fiber (1.1%)
  9. It has organic acids, mainly malic & oxalic, and contributes to the tomato’s unique flavor.  As tomato ripens,  its sugar content increases & the amount of these acids decreases.
  10. Lycopene, an extremely potent antioxidant, gives tomato the typical red color.

I. Tomato lowers the risk of Prostate cancer.

A variety of studies conducted at Harvard University have shown that males who regularly eat a fresh tomato, as well as tomato sauce or juice, are a much lower risk of prostate cancer.

II. Tomato is an excellent blood “cleanser”.

III. Tomato help facilitate the work of the kidneys.

IV. Tomato strengthens the immune system, because of their richness in vitamins, minerals & antioxidants carotenoids.

V. Arteriosclerosis. Because of their antioxidant effect, tomato help to prevent arteriosclerosis.

Most of the Tomatoes that you get from the store have a very questionable effect on your health because of the pesticide content, added different colorants during wintertime, and other chemical processing that helps to prolong their shelf life.

Only if you eat fresh and organic tomatoes, only then it can have the best effect on your health.

I wish you to have Siberian health, long life… and eat more fresh tomatoes!


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