How To Find Producer’s Rep That Is Best For Your Film? Part I

How to find Producer's Rep that is best for your film?

How To Find Producer’s Rep That Is Best For Your Film? Part I

How To Find Producer’s Rep That Is Best For Your Film?

The best way to find Producer’s Rep that is best for your film is at the Film Festivals. Check these professionals before you hire them to work for your film. Many of them would work with you on the upfront retainer fees. Remember, they will be working with you for your film. They are the experts in their fields but youʼre the driving force behind your film. Donʼt be afraid to ask questions.  You may ask a producerʼs rep: “What is your opinion of my film? How many films will you be representing at the festival?  If youʼre representing  many films, will you personally tend to each film, or will you hand my film to a someone else in your company?”  If you donʼt feel their passion and commitment for your film is there, you should not sign with them to represent your film, even if you know theyʼre one of the best in the industry. They may not be the best for your film.

What are the 5 Key Reasons for investing in film?

So, what are the 5 Key Reasons for investing in independent film?
1. Money (the potential of high returns during the short period of time and the lifetime).
2. Multiple Channels of distribution ( theatrical releases, TV, DVDs, VOD, with the domestic and international rights, syndication).
3. Fun Process, the glamour of being involved with a film
4. Because investor believes in the Message of the Film.
5. Opportunity to be a Producer and to be directly involved in film production, the power and the influence in the decision-making process.

OK, What is the reason #6?

You can leave your answer in the comments below.

Reason #2 Why it’s safe to invest in an independent film?

Reason #2 Why it’s safe to invest in an independent film?

Because the benefits go far beyond the sales of the box office tickets: DVD/Blu-Ray sales, television airings, Video on Demand (VOD) subscriptions, the sale of merchandise all count towards the profits that a film makes. And the good news that it can continue to generate a profit for a lifetime. Now think of it: can you recall any other business where you can have fast and long-term (lifetime) profits with investing just a few grants? There simply is no business with manufacturing capital entry requirements as low as motion pictures where the potential return can be as unlimited over the short, medium and long terms.
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Stan Austin having fun on the set of Sam's Firecracker at the American Legion Post 489

Sam’s Firecracker Official Trailer

This is the Official Trailer for the patriotic film “Sam’s Firecracker”.
The film is now complete and will be released after it’s been submitted to the film festivals.
Our next goal is to distribute DVDs to the local veterans at the American Legions.
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Sam’s Firecracker Official Trailer Released!


This project began last summer and was completed the end of February 2018.  We are so excited about this film and even more excited and hopeful that it will be accepted at this years Film Festival.   The next step of course will be to determine the date of the public release of the film.

We are so grateful to the cast, crew, to our executive producer and many supporters who have made this film short possible.

Behind the Scenes

On Set of Sam’s Firecracker


We still have some goals to conquer once the film has been released and the DVD’s have been created.  It’s our desire to be able to provide this DVD to every veteran who would like a copy free of cost.  It will also be distributed to the local American Legion who graciously helped with location and extras for this production.

Please consider helping by visiting this page and take advantage of the Bonus Rewards that are offered by becoming a sponsor of this project!