The Patriotic Film Sam’s Firecracker Making a History!

The Patriotic Film Sam’s Firecracker Making a History!

A Patriotic Film Sam’s Firecracker Making a History!

The film has been recognized as an official selection in 2018 at the following film festivals:
God Country Family Christian Film Festival WI
San Francisco Veterans Film Festival CA
Great Lakes International Film Festival  MI

Honor Film Festival in New York City where it won Best Action! NYC

Global Film Festival Awards in Los Angeles CA in categories:
Best Inspirational Short Film
Best Producer  (Robert Steven Hunt)
Best Editing (Aelita Archbold)
Best Young Actor (Sheridan Archbold)


Real Love Will Always Win!

You will not be able to wipe the tears from your eyes when you see the true love that dryver Kelly shows her beloved pet companion Gemma!
In this troubled world, Gemma helps her to survive.
The character of Kelly plays Madeline Moeller a young and talented actress. During the shoot, Madeline and our little star Gemma were able to become friends for life.

“The Dryver” Pilot is coming soon!

“Sam’s Firecracker” In Making a History

Great news for Sam’s Firecracker Fans! “Sam’s Firecracker” was named as a Global Film Festival Awards Official Selection.
Big thanks to our fabulous cast and crew for their very hard work!
Also a special thank you to all our dear sponsors for their amazing support in helping to make this film a reality!
Thank you to our Executive Producer Robert Steven Hunt for his tireless support!

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