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#2 Tip For Making Your First Film

#2 Tip For Making Your First Film

Your Budget
• Planning and understanding the reality and affordability of the project!
• Independent filmmaking is about using resources that you have and leveraging resources you don’t have. One way or another, before you start anything, you must set your budget.
• You need to come up with a strategy for the entire film project.
• Be creative and flexible. From the very beginning, you must know what service or services you will be able to pay for, what services you can trade and what services you can use in exchange for credits and so on.

Number One Tip for making your first film

Choosing a Story

If you put passion into your project others will be able to see it. Sometimes your story is right in front of you. When choosing a topic make sure that it is something that’s related to you or that you’re very passionate about. It will help the viewer to connect to your story, especially when a character is unpredictable or antagonistic.

These are the questions that you want answers before you write your story:

  • What story do you want to tell?
  • Why do you think the audience will like your story?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is the main question in your story?

Is It Easy To Be a Film Producer?

Being a great Film Producer is not an easy job. A Film Producer fills a variety of roles depending on what type of producer they are. Either employed by a production company or independently.

Producers plan and coordinate various aspects of film production, such as selecting script, coordinating, writing, casting, directing, editing, and arranging financing

“You need a combination of business acumen and salesmanship, but you also need to know how to spot a great story when you see one,”                                                                                      Janine Marmot, Film Producer

New Film Project


We are excited to announce that we have begun fund raising for our new film project called “Firecracker”

Firecracker is a film about a wounded veteran and his son rebuilding their relationship due to misunderstandings and misgivings regarding his fathers past and what he really went through during his time as an active soldier.

We hope this project inspires many people especially our youth who sometimes take their Freedom for granted! We also hope to shine a light on what our veterans go through and how it affects their personal life long after they have returned home.


10% of all proceeds from this film will be donated to the American Legion and VFW.


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