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Real Love Will Always Win!

You will not be able to wipe the tears from your eyes when you see the true love that dryver Kelly shows her beloved pet companion Gemma!
In this troubled world, Gemma helps her to survive.
The character of Kelly plays Madeline Moeller a young and talented actress. During the shoot, Madeline and our little star Gemma were able to become friends for life.

“The Dryver” Pilot is coming soon!

Sam’s Firecracker Official Trailer Released!


This project began last summer and was completed the end of February 2018.  We are so excited about this film and even more excited and hopeful that it will be accepted at this years Film Festival.   The next step of course will be to determine the date of the public release of the film.

We are so grateful to the cast, crew, to our executive producer and many supporters who have made this film short possible.

Behind the Scenes

On Set of Sam’s Firecracker


We still have some goals to conquer once the film has been released and the DVD’s have been created.  It’s our desire to be able to provide this DVD to every veteran who would like a copy free of cost.  It will also be distributed to the local American Legion who graciously helped with location and extras for this production.

Please consider helping by visiting this page and take advantage of the Bonus Rewards that are offered by becoming a sponsor of this project!



Real Gem for “Sam’s Firecracker”

So excited to introduce you to our gem: Composer Alex Shesha. He has great experience in writing musical scores for films. He is currently working on completing a brilliant, strong and powerful music score for the Patriotic film “Sam’s Firecracker”.
We are so anxious to share it with you in a few more days!

Sam’s Firecracker Official Trailer Coming in February!

The official Trailer for Sam’s Firecracker is coming this February!

Starring the amazingly talented actor C.J. Julianus as Warren.

It was such a pleasure to have him on set! Being in the military for many years, it was very natural for him to create the bright and unforgettable character of Sam’s Father. His life experiences and his strong charismatic personality aided in persuading Sam to change his life choices and establish his personal goals.


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